Artsphoria Publishing’s Debut Novel Excerpt and Book Production Services

By Andrea K. Hammer

Like many elements in nature, trees have the power to inspire awe, offer comfort or destroy–as we’ve witnessed during recent climate-change events. With a desire to protect the planet, Artsphoria Publishing’s debut novel refers to the beauty of trees in the last chapter. Here is an excerpt* of our forthcoming fiction book, incorporating non-fiction essays and other unique components:

…One afternoon, a little girl walked over to Bea and tapped her shoulder.

“Could I sit on your lap?” Rebekkah asked the older woman. “My grand-mom is in heaven, so could I adopt you?”

“No one can replace your grand-mother, honey,” she said. “But we can be special friends.”

Rebekkah tucked her hand in Bea’s and rested her head against Bea’s chest.

“Good,” she said, closing her eyes. “Now, will you rock me, and tell me a story?”

Bea searched her imagination for a starting point.

“One day, a little girl with golden curls was wandering near the water. Sarah felt lost and stumbled on a centuries-old tree, with intricate patterns revealing its age and wisdom,” Bea began.

Rebekkah’s eyes were filled with a sense of wonder, as she listened intently to the story.

“Does the tree have a name?” she asked.

“Yes,” she said.

“‘The Tree of Comfort’ had an opening, which offered shelter to those who felt exhausted and needed to rest along their journey.”

Rebekkah reached up to caress Bea’s thick hair.

“‘Come inside my magical world,’ The Tree of Comfort said to Sarah,” Bea continued.

Rebekkah sat up, curious to hear more.

“Inside the tree, beautiful birds and butterflies flew around the little girl’s head,” Bea said. “Sarah felt light and free as a feather, as if she could fly. When she stepped back outside into the world, all of her troubles and worries were lifted from her shoulders.”

Rebekkah’s face brightened.

“What did Sarah see when she was back outside?” she asked.

Bea searched for the perfect way to end the story….


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