Books, DVD, Organizations and Pop-Up Card Supporting Peace

By Andrea K. Hammer

How can joy exist when the world is not at peace? How can creativity thrive when destruction blasts daily headlines? How can children learn to get along despite differences and unsettling examples from adults?

Definitions of the Word “Peace”

The simple and beautiful word “peace” is one of the most powerful ones in the dictionary. According to Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (10th ed.), some definitions of this gem include:

  • a state of tranquillity or quiet
  • harmony in personal relations
  • used to ask for silence or calm

Discovery of Inner Contentment and Stillness

Where does an understanding of inner peace begin? My mother, a major source of inspiration for Artsphoria Publishing’s debut novel, was a model of inner contentment. Even during the most challenging times, she knew how to sit quietly, find enjoyment in simple pleasures like ice cream and radiate joy to anyone crossing her path.

As early role models, adults can help children learn about and experience inner peace through effective techniques such as yoga. Here are a few related books and a DVD:

  • Yoga for Children: 200+ Yoga Poses, Breathing Exercises, and Meditations for Healthier, Happier, More Resilient Children by Lisa Flynn
  • Yoga for Kids and Their Grown-Ups by Katherine Ghannam
  • Yoga: Children (DVD) (TMW Media Group)

Children’s Organizations Working for Peace

Teaching children about conflict resolution and the important work of organizations supporting peace extends inner practices into larger communities. Here are some children’s organizations working for peace:

  • Children’s World Peace Organization
  • Early Childhood Peace Consortium
  • Play for Peace

Artsphoria Creative Designs Distributing Series of Pop-Up Cards to Support Peace

To help spread the word and practice of peace, Artsphoria Creative Designs is distributing a series of original pop-up cards. While sharing this first card with the symbol of peace, each person can help the image of a dove reach others across the globe. In an effort to support an urgent need for calm during a time when the world needs nourishment and re-centering, 10% percent of each sale will be contributed to World Central Kitchen.

Please join Artsphoria Creative Designs in spreading the call for peace in word and action now!




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