3 Practical Books Explaining the Steps for Creating Pop-Ups

By Andrea K. Hammer

While creating original illustrations for Artsphoria Publishing’s debut novel, several books about kirigami–or pop-ups–offered a way to enliven some of these images. Although the technique is often used in children’s books, we think that adults also need an extra dose of delight right now.

Here are some of the books, which fed our interest in this creative process:

Kirigami: The Art of 3-Dimensional Paper Cutting by Laura Badaluco: This outstanding book clearly identifies the necessary tools and techniques along with helpful tips. Some of the excellent projects include abstract cards, architecture and creations that will thrill little ones. These include images of a circus, bear cubs, children and little cars.

Pop-Up Design and Paper Mechanics by Duncan Birmingham: This indispensable book takes a highly practical and functional approach to folding paper sculpture. Logical explanations about the necessary mechanics facilitate understanding and executing these engineering principles. Through simplified step-by-step instructions and images, 14 templates for building complex pop-ups become accessible for all skill levels.

Beginner’s Guide to Kirigami by Ghylenn Descamps: This beautifully designed and produced book offers 24 skill-building projects using origami and papercrafting techniques. Lists of supplies, tools and directions are available for projects such as a floral gift decoration, greeting card and Parisian bridge. High-quality color photos as well as creatively placed notes and tips enhance this personalized tutorial.

Watch for details about Artsphoria’s new product line, featuring this special technique!

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