Teen Siblings as Young Chefs With Cooking Series and New Book

One skill that children need for a healthy life is the ability to select nutritious foods and prepare nourishing meals. When encouraged from the earliest age, this practice can establish a foundation for overall success.

Teen Siblings as Young Chefs With Cooking and Culture Series

As a case in point, teen siblings and young chefs, Sara Baunoch, 15, and Sammy Baunoch, 13, are co-hosts of their own cooking and culture web-series called Sup! (www.supkidscooking.com). On Sup!, the lively young duo make nutritious foods, using delicious and authentic recipes from around the world.

Contestants on Food Network’s  “Chopped”: “It’s a Sibling Thing” Episode

You may recognize the brother and sister who appeared as contestants on Food Network’s series  “Chopped” in an episode called “It’s a Sibling Thing.” They will also be featured in Baltimore Magazine‘s May issue in a story about talented local Baltimore kids.

Sara Baunoch is currently enrolled at Baltimore School for the Arts studying classical guitar. Sammy Baunoch is interning to be a chef at a local Baltimore restaurant, The Point in Towson.

Authors and Illustrators of First Book, Snackation

As young chefs, Sara and Sammy wrote and illustrated their first book, Snackation. The snack travel guide takes readers on 10 of their favorite “snackations” including Hawaii, Tanzania, Denmark, Spain and beyond. While exploring great recipes, readers can learn about the history, geography, language and culture relating to each dish, as a way to discover new parts of the world through food.

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